Chiptop Lips album reissue

A reissue of MOTOCOMPO's latest album (first released in 2007) with 4 bonus tracks is out from diwAtonic, a Dr.Usui's new label cooperated with Disk Union on December 5. 

Motocompo "Chiptop Lips"

1. Tiptop Trip
2. Lily Lies
3. Motor Girl
4. The Higher I Fly
5. Another Century
6. Childhood Junk
7. L・A・S・T・T・R・A・I・N
8. Dream Flows
9. Chiptop Lips
10. Part-Time War
11. Boys, Boys, Boys.....
12. Love Surrender
13. Space Jam
14. Play To Play
15. Chat With Me

diwAtonic DATN2
¥2315 (excl. tax)

via CDJapan


Following up on the March release of "GET OUTTTA HERE" we have one new
song called "HAPPY GUN (DOCOMO 45mix)," which was written to be under
45 seconds!

This song was written to fall just under 45 seconds so that it fit the
time limit for chaku-uta ring tones. From May 31 to June 27, DOCOMO
users can download the song for FREE. People using other phone
carriers can download the song for a fee, and after June 27 DOCOMO
users will have to pay.

See for details!


Chiptop Lips[album]
(QACA-30007 Poplot/AMG 3/21/2007 release 2,200yen)


01.Tiptop Trip
02.Lily Lies
03.Motor Girl
04.The Higher I Fly
05.Another Century
06.Childhood Junk
08.Dream Flows
09.Chiptop Lips
10.Part-time War
11.Boys, Boys, Boys.....

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