Dr. Usui
Composer, sound creator (vocals, guitar).
The good doctor handles the programming, and is generally in charge of the sound production.

Performer, groovist (synth, vocals).
Chiho is in charge of vocals and the general look and style of the band.


1996, Fall Dr. Usui and Chiho ask His@ya to join them in starting a band.

1997 The group begins making demos on their 8-track analog recorder.
1997, July They pull 5 of their recorded demos together and sell their first tape in stores in their neighborhood of Kichijoji (Tokyo) and on their internet site. After selling several hundred copies around town, they enjoy a little neighborhood fame.
1997, September They make their first performance with Sony artists Polysics.

1998, September Motocompo contributes 3 songs to the "Tokyo New Wave of New Wave" CD released by Tinstar Records. Along with their musical contributions, Usui creates the title phrase and His@ya designs the album. Motocompo begins making frequent live appearances around Tokyo.

1999, March Motocompo appears at Roppongi Club Core. From this performance on, His@ya joins Chiho and Usui on stage and mixes his video work as performance.
1999, April The group is part of Epic Records Plasticユs tribute album entitled "Delicio US".
1999, May The band releases a tape from Tinstar Records.
1999, June The tape is a great success and orders exceed 3000 copies.
1999, August Tinstar Records releases the band first 7-inch "Tiny Lack and Roll".
1999, September The 7-inch is made available on cd.

1999-2000 Motocompo participates in several compilations, releases their first mini- album "Desktop Romancer", and begins recording for Polystar Records. Their first single "Take Me to Your Party" goes on sale in May of 2000, the band performs with Polysics and the Spoozys at a concert in Tokyo sponsored by Sony's internet group, So-net. Their first video in support of the single is designed by His@aya and enters regular rotation on the major video networks across Japan.

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